I am interested in the inbetween-ness of things, the negotiation of opposites, in grand terms, the balance of the universe.  As the middle child of seven, I grew up mediating between irreconcilable parties and I approach art in the same way.  My drawings are constructed between these considerations, light and dark, sharp and smooth, abstract and realist.  The way that a complex pattern on a dress becomes a series of abstract marks or a highly rendered portrait coalesces out cross hatched lines, this is where I find myself.


As an artist I always strive to speak to my own experiences, and thus my current series stems from my life growing up in suburbia.  Neither an affirmation or a rejection, these small drawings on panel strive to balance trees and houses and telephone lines, cars and children and sidewalks, the natural and the man made; attempting to capture both the beauty and the isolation of the suburbs, suburbia for suburbia.  The starkness of black charcoal on white lends a veracity reminiscent of the reportage artists of the early 19th century, bearing witness to a media driven present through age-old eyes.